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Dine to Donate

A Community Fundraising Event can be the perfect, low-time-investment way to generate funds.  All you have to do is set up a date with Carmie's management and distribute as many fliers as you can.  Carmie's will even generate the flier for you, so you can just print out copies from the file we have sent.  From there, it's all up to your supporters, so make sure they know to bring the flier with them. 

 Carmie's will donate 15% of the revenue generated from the fliers (excluding alcohol) back to your organization.  

Community Fundraising Events can be planned Monday-Thursday only.

Contact Adam Smith at tiffincarmies@gmail.com or call 419-448-7699.



Carmie’s BBQ2U Sale is an easy way to raise funds:

1) Call Adam Smith (419-448-7699 or asmithcamdenfalls@yahoo.com) and decide the timing of your sale (April, March, September? 2 weeks? 4 weeks? )

2) After your dates are set, Carmie’s will provide order sheets that you can pick up or print out via e-mail.

3) Sell, Sell, Sell! Remember to collect payments up front.

4) Compile your orders and turn them in 14 days before your pick-up date, along with the payments.

5) Profit! You will make $9 off of every sale.  Arrange to pick up the product so you can distribute it to your buyers.  Contact Adam about alternative arrangements.

And what are you selling?

3lbs of house-smoked pulled pork (frozen), lightly dusted with our signature rub and a cup each of our Carmie’s Heat and Sweet signature sauces per order.

Contact Adam Smith at asmithcamdenfalls@yahoo.com or call 419-448-7699.